How to Ensure Your Contracted Electrician is Well Qualified to Do Repairs

Electricians are some of the professionals whose services are commonly sought by homeowners. Whereas such professionals are quite common in the market today, finding a qualified one can be quite a daunting task. The stakes involved in conducting electrical fixes in the house are high as a slight error in electrical connections can lead to house fires and consequent loss of property and even lives.  As a precautionary measure, you should, therefore, exercise due diligence when seeking to hire an electrician’s services in fixing an electrical issue in your house.  Here are some common background checks you need to perform before settling on hiring an electrician.


The most important aspect of an electrician is their professional qualifications. All states, including Michigan, require that persons practicing as electricians be appropriately certified and licensed to do so. You can, therefore, be sure to get a qualified electrician Howell MI. An individually licensed electrician in an electrical company is an indication of high levels of professionalism and expertise in practicing. You should, therefore, demand to see an electrician’s license and check to see whether it is appropriately renewed. Such checks can be done through the Michigan state website in the comfort of your house.

Qualifications and Experience

Whereas electricians may be certified to practice, the experience is of particular importance. An electrician who has been practicing for 5 years would most likely be more suitable to handle complex electrical issues in the house as compared to one who has 5 months of experience. Experience, in that regard, implies that the electrician has practiced in the field and therefore familiarized him or herself with standard operating procedures in electrical work.

Qualifications also play some significant role in determining whether to hire someone or not. An electrician with a master’s degree in electrical engineering would perhaps be certainly more qualified as compared to one who has a diploma in the same area.


It is also important to verify whether the electrician is appropriately insured against workplace injuries and accidents. This is one step that you may tend to ignore but may come back to haunt you significantly. Although most state governments do not require electricians to be insured, it is important to do a background check as such insurance protects yourself and your property from damage and liability that may arise as a result of the repair work. Most practice insurance covers normally protect both the electrician and your property in case of damage resulting from electrical fixes.


Another vital check you can implement is requesting for references of the electrician’s previously done electrical works and fixes. The references would help you do further due diligence in inquiring from previous customers on the quality of work that the electrician does.

Scope of Work

The last important check involves outlining to the electrician the particular scope of electrical fixes or installations that you need within your house. Giving the electrician the actual scope of work would give him/her a chance to determine whether he/she is comfortable doing such work with proficiency. Some electricians may seek to opt-out, therefore giving you a chance to hire the best-qualified and willing electrician for the work.